How Can I Win My Family Law Matter? – Podcast Episode 59

Today in the podcast, Caralee discusses how you can ‘win’ your family law matter.

There are many processes and ways to conduct your family law matter. It could be that you are doing it yourself, you’ve engaged lawyers, or you are in full-blown litigation and made applications to the court. Whatever it is, there are many ways of getting to an endpoint, which is to have certainty of the outcomes and to move forward with your life.

In terms of your family law matter, how exactly do you win?

Well, the truth is – in family law, if both parties are slightly unhappy, as lawyers, we have done our job. But, generally speaking, there has been a significant imbalance or injustice if we have one side is ecstatic and one distraught party.

In family law, there really are no winners – it is almost an impossible game to win, purely because you had everything together at one point, and now you are often dividing what is a lifetime of assets and of course, time with your precious children. So the truth is that you are going to come out with either less time or fewer valuables and this can be hard to accept. So nobody wins this situation; it is all about COMPROMISE.

The only way to win in family law is to quickly get to a point where you can live with the outcome. It is never nice at the time, but it is always best in the long run. You can win your family law matter by getting to the end, having certainty and moving on with a happier life. Winning is reaching a just and equitable settlement that is fair.

Here at Collective Family Law Group, we prioritise getting our clients through to the other end of their matter as soon as possible. Living in uncertainty and limbo long term, fighting and paying legal fees, is no way to live. We will deliver certainty so that you don’t have sleepless nights wondering where your circumstances lie.

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