Child Custody Lawyers

As an established child custody law firm with a strong track record of success for our clients, Collective Family Law Group can assist you to reach a post-separation parenting agreement.

Ensuring that your children are cared for and have the right custody arrangement is a challenging element of any separation or divorce. Without the right legal counsel, family lawyer or family law advice, it can be difficult to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you and your children. 

Hundreds of clients on the Gold Coast have chosen Collective Family Law to provide advice and negotiations regarding parenting matters and custody of children.

Why you need a child custody lawyer

It’s important to select family lawyers that have the skill, experience, and expertise necessary to address your unique family law circumstances. 

At Collective Family Law, we have the best and most highly skilled family law solicitors in the industry. Each of our family lawyers have the ability to advise and represent the needs of you and your children.

  • Family Law Solicitors are instrumental to any family law proceedings and in particular when it concerns the custody of children:
  • Family Lawyers can provide advice about private Family Dispute Resolution mediations.
  • Family Lawyers may assist in making an application to the court for custody of your children.
  • Family Lawyers have the ability to assist grandparents and other third parties for time with orders or custody with children.
  • Family Lawyers provide legal advice and drafting of private child support agreements.

Rely on only the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane — choose Collective Family Law Group as a trusted partner in your Family law case.


At Collective Family Law, we are proud to provide sound, accurate, and up-to-date advice about the Family Law Act of 1975. 

We help our family law clients who are parents move on with their lives, and ensure the best interests of themselves and their children are met in a timely fashion.

Family Lawyer from the Gold Coast will be instrumental to getting a legal outcome that meets your needs. 

Collective Family Law is committed to providing you with the tools and advice you need to reach a resolution to your family law case. Discuss your case and all specifics with one of our expert family lawyers by submitting a consultation request form.

When it comes to legal advice about your children we can assist you with:

Parenting Arrangements in Australia

Negotiating a parenting arrangement that benefits your children can be difficult if you are dealing with your ex-partner alone. When you engage one of our family lawyers to help your with child custody arrangements you will receive solid legal advice and representation. 

Get assistance with your next relocation, travel arrangement, or upcoming move on a timely basis, and ensure you are following all necessary legal requirements moving forward.

In addition to support with your parenting arrangement, Collective Family Law also provides assistance with:

  • Change of existing consent orders
  • Altered parenting arrangements
  • Relocations and moves
  • Travel arrangements for children
  • Change of children’s names
  • Same sex parenting arrangements
  • Paternity disputes

Get in touch with our Gold Coast office today to inquire about our family law services.

Find the BEST Family lawyers AT Collective Family Law

At Collective Family Law, we are proud to provide a host of family law legal services to families across the Gold Coast. Our Goal is to positively impact our clients experience as they move through their separation and divorce while delivering outcomes they deserve, as soon as possible. We can help you get to practicable and suitable custody arrangements that represent you and the best interests of your children.

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