How Long Does It Take To Go Through A Separation? – Podcast Episode 56

On the Divorce Collective podcast, Caralee Fontenele follows on from last week’s podcast, ‘ How Do I Separate Formally.’ This week, Caralee explains how long it can take to go through a separation and finalise a settlement so that you can move on to a brighter future. 

The thing about separation is that you are living in limbo between separating from your partner and reaching a settlement – not a very fun one! Our goal at Collective Family Law is to ensure our clients are out of this uncertain, scary, and daunting limbo as soon as possible. Because you can’t truly be set free until you have reached agreements about how you will co-parent and divide your property. 

So, how can you get through your separation limbo as soon as possible? The answer is not straightforward, and it depends on you and your ex-partner. 

Every family law matter is different; there is a range of circumstances that can make family law matters more complex and therefore, they can take longer to settle.  However, as a general rule between 3 months to 18-months of engaging a lawyer, you should be able to reach an agreement. Unless of course, your path is protracted litigation. 

At Collective Family Law, it isn’t often that we have clients for longer than a period of 18-months, but it can happen if it is a particularly complex matter. 

If you are currently in limbo and would like to get the ball rolling on your family law matter, see us for a free 45-min consultation! Via Zoom or in our Brisbane, Cleveland, or Gold Coast office, we can help anyone within Australia.

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