How to Know Whether You Need a Lawyer or Not

The reality is that not all individuals navigating a separation necessarily need the expertise of a family lawyer to arbitrate their case. 

This truth might appear unusual, particularly coming from a family law firm, but it is the reality. 

Your family law issues, whether related to property division or child custody, might not be overly complex. Perhaps your asset pool is relatively modest, or you and your ex-partitioner are mutually agreed upon child custody arrangements. 

At Collective Family Law, we’re among the best family lawyers Gold Coast can offer. Numerous clients approach us for a free family law consultation. Armed with the correct knowledge about their family law concerns, they’re often capable of independently advancing and finding a resolution, without necessitating further legal assistance. This outcome is an excellent achievement for the family and we are pleased to facilitate such progress.

Nevertheless, a proficient divorce lawyer in Gold Coast can undeniably provide expert advice, help de-escalate the tensions in your family law negotiations, secure your property entitlements, safeguard you and your children, and offer vital legal support. While engaging a family law solicitor involves costs, the right legal professional could save you a significant amount of money, depending on your individual circumstances.

Should you be able to reach an amicable agreement on property division and child custody arrangements, it’s vital that this agreement is legally endorsed through Consent Orders, meticulously drafted by a skilled family law solicitor. 

While the ideal situation is that separating parties negotiate and agree on property division and parenting arrangements without a family law solicitor’s assistance, this isn’t always feasible. In such instances, for some families, the engagement of a lawyer becomes crucial.

Engaging a suitable lawyer can prove highly beneficial. While clients may have concerns about costs, understanding legal jargon, or disrupting relations with their ex-partner, receiving the right advice early can save you both time and money. We’ve handled several family law cases that could have been simpler if advice had been sought earlier.

Even if you’re able to manage your family law matter independently, it’s crucial to recognise signs that professional advice may be needed:

  1. The need for extra support and guidance.
  2. The presence of high stakes if a family law solicitor isn’t retained.
  3. Instances of domestic violence in the relationship.
  4. Existence of financial or other forms of control in the relationship.
  5. Feeling coerced or threatened by your ex-partner or their legal representative.
  6. Emotional overload hindering positive negotiation outcomes.
  7. Lengthy, unsuccessful negotiations.
  8. Obstructive behaviour by the other parent denying access to children.
  9. Financial disempowerment.
  10. An uncooperative ex-partner leading to a stalemate.
  11. Urgent legal issues requiring court intervention.


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Regardless of whether you need a family law solicitor in Gold Coast or guidance towards alternative resolution methods for your property division or parenting issues, we’re here to help. Please visit our blog on the Collective Family Law Group website for a deeper understanding of family law. Rest assured, you’re always in good hands with us.

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