The truth is that, in many cases, people going through a separation don’t need to retain a family lawyer to run their case. You may be surprised to hear that from a family lawyer, but it is true. 

Your family law legal issues, whether it is property division or parenting, may not be overly complex. For example, there may not be much by way of assets in your asset pool, or you are your ex-partner may be on the same page when it comes to the care of your children and how you are going to co-parent in the future. 

At Collective Family Law we see many clients for free initial legal advice, and once they are armed with the correct information regarding their family law matter, they are able to move forwards and find a resolution without the further assistance of a lawyer. This is a wonderful outcome for them and their family and we are so happy to help people move forwards in this way. 

But on the other hand, will an excellent family lawyer provide you with the expert advice as you require it, take the heat out of your family law negotiations, ensure you get your property entitlements, protect you and your children and legally support you? Absolutely!

While it does cost money to retain a family law solicitor, they can also save you thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, depending on your personal circumstances. 

It is important though that if you are able to reach an agreement on your property division and your parenting arrangements that it is finalised via Consent Orders drafted by a skilled family law solicitor. 

The ideal outcome that separating parties are able to negotiate and reach an amicable agreement on property division and parenting, without the assistance or a family law solicitor, unfortunately is not always possible. 

For some separating families, retaining a lawyer is essential.

It is understandable that clients worry about the expense of hiring a family lawyer or about not understanding legal lingo or about upsetting your ex, even though you know you need help. Hiring a family lawyer can be a very beneficial experience if you engage the right lawyer for you. 

Receiving the right advice early can save you time and money. We have experienced many family law matters that could have been much simpler, had the family law client only sought legal advice earlier. 

Even if you are capable of running your family law matter without a lawyer, there are some signs to keep in mind that indicate you may need professional advice. 

  1. You need the extra support and guidance.
  2. You have too much to lose if you don’t retain a family law solicitor.
  3. There is domestic violence in your relationship.
  4. There is control, financially or otherwise.
  5. You feel coerced and threatened by your ex-partner or their legal representation. 
  6. You or the other party are too emotional and are unable to negotiate a positive outcome for your property division or parenting arrangements.
  7. You have been negotiating for months and are getting nowhere.
  8. You have not been able to spend any time with your children, because the other parent is withholding the children or be obstructive. 
  9. You have been left with no money and feel financially disempowered.  
  10. Your ex-partner will not engage in any negotiations, and you are at a stalemate.
  11. Your matter becomes urgent with legal issues that need to be dealt with by the Court. Examples of these are child abduction, child relocations, children in an unsafe environment, significant property or bank funds being transferred without consent, and property being sold or businesses being dealt with in an underhand manner. 


At Collective Family Law we service all of the South East of Queensland with offices on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. At both of our locations we offer in person or zoom meetings and we are pleased to offer a free initial appointment.

We do this because we know that to make a decision to seek family law advice, is a big step we want to remove any obstacles stopping you,  that you may have. We cater to the needs of our clients and we will be able to either help you if you do in-fact need a family law solicitor or we will be able to point you in the right direction if we think that there is another way to resolve your property division or parenting issues.