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Step Two of The Four-Step Process

In step two of the four-step process, we take a close look at the parties’ contributions to the relationship, both financially and non-financially.

Once step one of the four-step processes has been completed, this is when we can commence step two, so if you have not listened to that episode, please do so first by clicking here.

In Family Law, the courts assess the contributions that have been made to the current property pool. This is regardless of it is a global approach or a piecemeal approach.

There are three categories that are recognised, according to the Family Law Act.

1. Financial contributions;
2. Non-financial contributions; and
3. Parenting and home-maker contributions.

In this podcast episode, Caralee the director of Collective Family Law also breaks down the financial contributions that occur three different stages of your relationship.

Listen in as we dive and explain how it may affect your family law matter.

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