Why is the Road to Divorce So Difficult?

At Collective Family Law, our team of family lawyers in the Gold Coast are committed to achieving the same outcome for every client. This is to expediently conclude your matter through Consent Orders, providing stability for you and your children in the future.

In our world of uncertainties, it’s vital to build areas of certainty in your life where possible.

But how can you and your former partner reach a consensus on resolving family matters?

The reality is, the path varies for every couple undergoing separation or divorce.

Some routes are thorny, full of challenges, and considerably long, while others are comparatively smoother. Although few would describe navigating separation and divorce as a pleasant journey, there are certainly paths that are less strenuous.

With many years as a family lawyer, supporting thousands through their separation and divorce, I’ve observed that the choice of path, whether difficult or smoother, hinges on several factors:

  • Unrealistic expectations from one or both parties
  • Limited or no open communication
  • The existence of control issues or domestic violence
  • An inability to set aside personal pain and focus on the matters at hand
  • One party not being ready to move forward
  • Parties consumed by the principle of the issue
  • Mental health issues preventing one or both parties from reaching a resolution
  • External influences, such as family members or new partners, disrupting the process.

Keep in mind, not all of these factors are in your control. Your role in resolving your family law matter is to be as transparent, direct, and pragmatic as possible.

We invite you to download our free “Process To Resolve Your Family Law Matter” guide. This helpful manual outlines the steps towards concluding your family law issue, empowering you to move forward in life.

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