Why is the Road to Divorce So Difficult?

There are many roads that can lead you to the point of a resolution in your family law matter. At Collective Family Law our Brisbane and Gold Coast family lawyers have the same goal for every client. And that is that you finalise your matter by way of Consent Orders as soon as practicably possible so that you and your children have certainty moving forward.

We live in such an uncertain world, creating certainty in your life where you can, is so important.

But how do you get to a point that you and your ex-partner can agree on how to resolve your family issues?

The answer to that is that it is different for every couple going through separation or divorce.

Some roads are very rocky, full of pitfalls and are extremely long. Others, well they are easier! I wouldn’t go as far to say that many people experience a joy ride when going through separation and divorce, but there are most certainly some easier routes that can be taken.

Through my many years of being a family lawyer and helping thousands of people through their separation and divorce, my observations are that the road that people choose to take whether difficult or smoother, comes down to these factors:

  • One of both of the parties have unrealistic expectations;
  • There is little to no communication;
  • There is control and domestic violence issues;
  • The parties are not able to put aside their hurt to focus on the business issues at hand;
  • One of the parties is not yet ready to move on;
  • One or both of the parties are focused on the principal of the matter;
  • One or both of the parties have mental health issues that prevent them from being about to resolve the matter;
  • There are outside people influencing one of the parties to frustrate the process, such as family members or a new partner.

Not all of the factors above are in your control, all you can do when trying to resolve your family law matter is do your part to be as open, clear and realistic as you can be.

Download our free Process To Resolve Your Family Law Matter Guide. This guide shows you the pathways on how to finalise your family law matter, so that you can move on with your life.

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