Are You Entitled To Your Ex’s Assets? – Podcast Episode 36

In today’s enlightening session, Caralee Fontenele, one of the leading divorce lawyers on the Gold Coast, navigates the often complex terrain of post-separation asset entitlements.

Are you pondering over whether you have a legitimate claim to any of your ex-partner’s assets? Dive into today’s podcast episode for a comprehensive overview.

For those who’ve tied the knot, made financial contributions during the relationship, or cohabited in a de facto relationship, the short answer is a resounding YES; you are indeed entitled to a property settlement, including considerations for de facto property settlement in Qld.

To shed light on this, the Four-Step Process used by the Family Court is invaluable. We’ve delved deep into this methodology in episodes 11 through 15 of the podcast.

For a snapshot:

  1. Asset Identification and Valuation: Pinpoint and appraise all assets, regardless of whose name they’re registered under.
  2. Assess Contributions: Evaluate all contributions, be they monetary or non-monetary, made towards the family’s well-being.
  3. Future Needs Consideration: Ascertain if any party might face more significant financial challenges post-separation.
  4. Just and Equitable Outcomes: Ensure the overall asset division is fair and equitable, factoring in the previous steps.

It’s imperative to understand that every contribution, whether tangible or intangible, holds weight. To ensure you’re on the right track and to get clarity on the de facto property settlement in Qld, it’s crucial to seek counsel from a family law solicitor.

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  1. Do all assets get considered, regardless of whose name they’re under Absolutely, all assets, irrespective of whose name they’re registered under, are factored into the property settlement process.
  1. Does a non-financial contribution have the same weightage as a financial one in the property settlement? Yes, the Family Court considers both financial and non-financial contributions to the family’s welfare.
  1. How is de facto property settlement in Qld different from other regions? De facto property settlements in Qld are governed by specific regional nuances, making it essential to seek advice from local experts to understand the specifics.


Disclaimer: This article serves informational purposes only and shouldn’t be construed as legal advice. Always consult directly with professionals for tailored guidance.
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