How Much Does It Cost To Separate? – Podcast Episode 37

In our latest podcast episode, Caralee Fontenele, a prominent divorce lawyer on the Gold Coast, delves into one of the most pressing concerns on the minds of those considering separation: What is the financial cost of separation?

 Factors Influencing the Cost of Separation

The Nature of Separation:

The financial implications of a separation can widely vary. A swift and amicable separation, where both parties are in agreement, undoubtedly costs less. However, if complexities arise, such as issues surrounding a de facto property settlement in QLD, the duration and expense could significantly increase. The longer the resolution process, the higher the emotional and monetary costs.

Finalising the Agreement:

A cost-effective method to conclude a separation is by mutual agreement on parenting arrangements in QLD and property matters. Once in agreement, formalising it through Consent Orders or a Binding Financial Agreement, ideally crafted by expert family law solicitors on the Gold Coast, can substantially limit legal costs.

Complications in Separation:

Certain separations, riddled with complications or disagreements, might become protracted, inevitably leading to heightened costs. Factors such as intricate property divisions, family dynamics, mental health challenges, or any other complicated issues can potentially raise legal fees anywhere from $10,000 to over $100,000.

 Tips to minimise Legal Costs

  1. Amicable Resolution: Strive for a peaceful resolution on property division and co-parenting. This approach can considerably reduce costs.
  2. Consent Orders: If you find common ground with your ex-partner, lawyers from reputable law firms on the Gold Coast, such as the Collective Family Law Group, can assist in drafting consent orders to ratify the agreement. This process is significantly cheaper than extensive negotiations or litigation.
  3. Engage a Skilled Family Lawyer: A proficient family lawyer can expedite resolution, ensuring the legal fees remain on the lower end.

Remember: Building your life together has taken years, and it’s only logical that dismantling it will require time. Patience and understanding are crucial during this emotionally charged period.

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Disclaimer: This article provides general information only and does not constitute legal advice. Every individual case is unique, and it’s recommended to seek advice directly from a family law solicitor concerning your specific circumstances.


  1. How can I reduce legal costs during separation?

   – An amicable resolution and finalising through Consent Orders or Binding Financial Agreements are cost-effective methods.

  1. How much could a complex separation cost?

   – Legal fees can vary based on the intricacies and complications involved.

  1. Can a skilled family lawyer on the Gold Coast reduce separation costs?

   – Engaging a proficient family lawyer can expedite the resolution process, subsequently reducing legal expenses.

  1. Where can I get expert family law advice on the Gold Coast?

   – Collective Family Law Group offers a 45-minute free consultation for clients across Australia, available both via Zoom and in-office.

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