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A Comprehensive Guide to Property Settlements in Australia

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Navigating Property Division Post-Separation If you’re grappling with a property agreement following a separation, the complexities of property settlements can be overwhelming without professional guidance. Collective Family Law Group, with its team of experienced family law solicitors in Gold Coast, is here to simplify the process for you.  Whether you are in a marriage or […]

The Importance of Formalising Agreements in Family Law: Securing Clarity and Stability

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At Collective Family Law Group, we are a renowned team of divorce lawyer Gold Coast specialists. We regularly encounter the fallout when verbal agreements between couples go awry. Without a legally binding document, these informal agreements are susceptible to interpretation, memory lapses, and disagreements. This often spirals into lengthy legal disputes and bitterness. Opting for […]

Love & Law: Understanding Property Settlements

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Navigating New Relationships! Starting a new relationship is always exhilarating. As this new phase begins, it’s vital to be aware of the legal dimensions, especially regarding property settlement orders and financial agreements. At Collective Family Law Group, we’ve worked alongside countless individuals including those searching for a divorce lawyer Gold Coast or a child custody […]

Tips for Cost-Effective Family Law Services

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Seeking legal representation, especially in family law matters such as those handled by divorce lawyers Gold Coast, is a pivotal decision. Balancing the scales of justice with legal costs is often a predominant concern. However, with proactive involvement, you can partner productively with your family law solicitors, Gold Coast, to trim unnecessary expenses. In this […]

How Business Valuation Shapes the Outcome of Your Financial Negotiation

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Welcome to the second part of our five-series blog exploring the importance of business valuation in family law.  At Collective Family Law Group, we understand the significance of financial negotiations in achieving a fair and equitable resolution for our clients. In our previous blog, “The Role of Business Valuation in Family Law Property Settlements,” we […]

The Role of Business Valuation in Family Law Property Settlements

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Unlocking Fair Asset Division! Last week at the Divorce Collective Podcast, our senior associate Dannielle Young discussed a captivating topic that has a significant impact on family law matters – The Importance of Business Valuation in Family Law.  We received an overwhelming response from our listeners, prompting us to bring you an exclusive 5-part blog […]

The Importance of Business Valuations in Family Law Podcast Ep85

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  In family law matters involving the division of assets, the valuation of businesses plays a critical role in achieving a fair and equitable outcome. Business valuations provide an objective assessment of the worth of a business, ensuring that all parties involved in the family law proceedings have a clear understanding of its value. In […]

What is an Initiating Application in Family Law? – Podcast Episode 74

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  Family law can be very complex in Australia and even more so when in comes to the Court process. It can be very confusing, especially when it comes to making applications to Court for your family law process.  The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (FCFCOA) is the same for the majority of […]

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Navigating through divorce settlements and the division of assets can be challenging, even more so when children are involved. Child custody battles and asset division are often the most significant obstacles to overcome before parties can truly move forward. Here are some tips to help smooth out this process from the perspective of Gold Coast […]

Step Four of the Four-Step Process – Podcast Episode 15

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Step Four of the Four-Step Process: Is it Just and Equitable? Welcome back to the last instalment of our Four-Step Process podcast series! In this episode, we will explore the final step of the four-step process in family law: determining whether the proposed orders, whether they are Consent Orders or Orders of the Court, are […]