Tips For Parents To Reduce Conflict and Reduce the Effect Of The Conflict On Children

 When going through a divorce it is vital to protect children from the long term effects conflict can have on them. Seeing two parents' emotions toward each other drastically change can be harmful and can mentally affect the livelihood of these children.Today, Senior Associate, Dannielle Young will be following [...]

What Are The Options When It Comes to Supervised Care of Children? – Podcast Episode 16

  This week, we have Senior Associate from Collective Family Law, Dannielle Young, hosting the podcast! Dannielle Young has practised in family law for over 14 years. Dannielle has a passion for helping families, particularly children. She takes pride in helping parents through the separation process as [...]

Three Important Topics To Think About When Going Through Divorce and Separation

1. Gathering basic information You are going to need to know details about your relationship’s financial set-up as well as other basic information such as dates regarding the relationship, where documents are kept, and whose name is on what assets, household bills, and other liabilities. This can be overwhelming, [...]