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Tenants in Common v Joint Tenants (EP 94)

Dannielle Young Podcast

  Tenants in Common and Joint Tenants are two prevalent means of co-ownership when it comes to property ownership, whether by inheritance or purchase. Each approach is distinct and can have major practical repercussions, particularly in the context of Family Law Separations In this podcast Dannielle Young will explore the key difference between these two […]

Spousal Maintenance in Australia (EP 93)

spousal maintenance by Dannielle young

Because understanding your financial rights can change the trajectory of your post-divorce journey. Join our Senior Associate, Dannielle Young, as she Unveils the Layers of Financial Stability post-separation and dissects the intricacies of spousal maintenance. With her expertise as a seasoned divorce lawyer in Gold Coast. Amidst the multifaceted aspects of the Australian Family Law […]

Who Pays The Mortgage When We Separate?

Dannielle Young

Are you puzzling over the mortgage responsibilities post-separation? We’re delving deep into this topic today.  Welcome to the Divorce Collective Podcast where our senior associate Danielle Young at the Collective Family Law Group a highly trusted family law firms Gold Coast, help you navigate the nuances of family law.  Let’s face it, separation can mean […]

Financial Advisors During the Separation Process with Joshua Pennell Ep 91

Financial Advisors During the Separation Process with Joshua Pennell Ep 90

Financial advisors can play a crucial role in family law matters by providing valuable financial guidance and expertise to individuals and families going through various legal processes such as divorce, separation, child custody disputes, and other related issues. Here are some ways in which financial advisors can assist in family law matters: Objective Financial Analysis: […]

Preparing for Family Law Mediation – A Roadmap to a Successful Resolution Ep 90

family mediattion

Family law mediation is a constructive and cost-effective alternative to court battles when resolving disputes related to divorce, child custody, support, and other family matters. It offers families an opportunity to come together, discuss their concerns, and work towards a mutually agreeable solution. To make the most of this process, careful preparation is essential. In […]

Online Mediations – Breaking Barriers and Building Solutions Ep 89

Dannielle Young Podcast

In today’s episode of the Divorce Collective Podcast, our esteemed Senior Associate, Dannielle Young, takes us into the transformative world of Family Law Mediation over digital platforms, unravelling its inherent potential and advantages. The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly reshaped the legal terrain, necessitating the shift towards virtual platforms for myriad legal procedures. Traditionally, Family Law […]

Avoid the Drama and Choose Your Battles – Tips for an Amicable Divorce Ep 88

Dannielle Young Podcast

Achieving an amicable divorce considerably lessens the usual tension and strife that accompanies this process.  In this episode of The Divorce Collective Podcast, we share practical tips to steer you towards a more conciliatory divorce: 1. Embrace Open Communication:  Facilitate open dialogue allowing both parties to voice their thoughts, apprehensions, and requirements. This promotes mutual […]

What Do Children Really Need During Separation EP (87)

Dannielle Young Podcast

On today’s podcast, our Senior Associate Dannielle Young will go through the healthy parenting arrangements in QLD and discuss what children might need and want to help them understand and navigate the changes happening to their family.  With her extensive knowledge as a child custody lawyer. During a divorce, children need and want to know […]

The Importance of Business Valuations in Family Law Podcast Ep85

dannielle young podcast

  In family law matters involving the division of assets, the valuation of businesses plays a critical role in achieving a fair and equitable outcome. Business valuations provide an objective assessment of the worth of a business, ensuring that all parties involved in the family law proceedings have a clear understanding of its value. In […]