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Navigating Relationship Breakdowns: Property Division for Tenants in Common and Joint Tenants

Property Division for Tenants in Common and Joint Tenants

Building upon the insightful perspectives shared by Senior Associate Dannielle Young in our recent podcast – Tenants in Common v Joint Tenants. We continue to unravel the complexities of property ownership in the context of relationship breakdowns. This follow-up article delves deeper into the intricacies of Tenants in Common and Joint Tenants, specifically focusing on […]

Tenants in Common v Joint Tenants (EP 94)

Dannielle Young Podcast

  Tenants in Common and Joint Tenants are two prevalent means of co-ownership when it comes to property ownership, whether by inheritance or purchase. Each approach is distinct and can have major practical repercussions, particularly in the context of Family Law Separations In this podcast Dannielle Young will explore the key difference between these two […]

Planning Your Financial Future Post-Divorce

children playing sand

Divorce marks not just the end of a relationship but also the beginning of a new chapter in financial independence. Understanding and navigating life after spousal maintenance is crucial to ensuring that this new chapter is built on a solid foundation. With the guidance of experienced divorce lawyers on the Gold Coast, you can transition […]

Money Talks: Business Valuation’s Role in Family Law

Business Valuation

When it comes to family law solicitors Gold Coast, being clear about money matters is key to making sure decisions are fair. Financial transparency helps illuminate the path ahead, ensuring everyone involved in the process knows where they stand. No hidden pitfalls, no undisclosed assets—just plain honesty that paves the way for trust. This clarity […]

Unlocking Your Business Value in Divorce Settlements

gold coast

Welcome back to our 5-part blog series, we’ve reached the 4th instalment, and we’re excited to explore this topic with you.   We are your go-to ‘divorce lawyers on the Gold Coast’ and we are here to help guide you through the often complicated path of separation and divorce. Here at Collective Family Law Group, we […]

The Importance of Business Valuations in Family Law Podcast Ep85

dannielle young podcast

  In family law matters involving the division of assets, the valuation of businesses plays a critical role in achieving a fair and equitable outcome. Business valuations provide an objective assessment of the worth of a business, ensuring that all parties involved in the family law proceedings have a clear understanding of its value. In […]

The Ultimate Guide to De Facto Relationships

child and mum

Property Division, Child Custody, and Support in Australia Navigating the legal aspects of a de facto relationship can be complex, especially when it comes to property division, child custody, and support matters. As experienced Gold Coast family lawyers, we understand the challenges you may face during this time.  In this ultimate guide, we provide answers […]

A Guide in Navigating Property Settlement After Separation

Property Settlement

Tips and Advice from our Expert family law solicitors Gold Coast, Collective Family Law Group Breaking up is hard enough without worrying about how your assets will be divided.  Whether you’re navigating a separation, divorce, or de facto property settlement QLD, property settlement can be a complicated process fraught with emotion and uncertainty. At Collective […]

Tips to Protect Your Mental Health During Your Separation – Podcast Episode 75


Separation is a devasting time.  Even if you are the one instigating the separation. Join our Senior Associate Dannielle Young, as she discusses the best tips to protect your mental helath during a separation. We have all heard of the stages of separation (or maybe some of you haven’t), and they usually are labeled (there […]

What is Disclosure in a Property Settlement? – Podcaset Episode 71


  Have a letter asking you to hand over personal documents for a property settlement matter?  What is that all about and do you need to provide them? The short answer is – yes! The exchanging of documents in a property settlement matter is known as Disclosure.  There is a duty and an obligation on […]