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Child custody is a challenging element of any separation or divorce. Without the right legal counsel or arrangements, it can be difficult to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you, your previous partner and your children. To protect themselves and their children from an uncertain future, hundreds of clients in the Gold Coast and Brisbane have chosen Collective Family Law to provide child custody advice with their best interests in mind.

Why you need a child custody lawyer

It’s important to select family lawyers that have the skill, experience, and expertise necessary to address your unique circumstances and the custody of your children. Nothing is more important. At Collective Family Law, we retain some of the most highly skilled professionals in the industry, each with the ability to represent the needs of yourself and your children.

Child custody lawyers are instrumental to any family law proceedings:

  • Child custody lawyers can provide advice and arrange private Family Dispute Resolution mediations.
  • Child custody lawyers may assist in making an application to the court if your particular circumstances require.
  • Child custody lawyers have the ability to assist grandparents and other third parties.
  • Child custody lawyers provide information about private binding child support agreements.

Rely on professionalism at its finest — choose Collective Family Law as a trusted partner in your child custody proceedings.

Custody Family lawyers provide the help you need to move forward with your parenting arrangement, so that you and your ex-partner know where you both stand and how you will co-parent your children.

At Collective Family Law, we are proud to provide sound, accurate, and up-to-date advice aligned with the Family Law Act of 1975. We help our clients move on with their lives and ensure the best interests of themselves and their children are met in a timely fashion.

A child custody lawyer from Cleveland, the Gold Coast or Brisbane will be instrumental to getting a legal outcome that meets your needs. Collective Family Law Is committed to providing you with the tools and advice you need to reach a resolution to your matter. Discuss your case and all specifics with one of our skillful lawyers by submitting a consultation request form.

The best child custody arrangements in Australia

Create a parenting arrangement that benefits your children with formal documentation, legal advice and representation. Get assistance with your next relocation, travel arrangement, or upcoming move on a timely basis, and ensure you are following all necessary legal requirements moving forward.

In addition to child custody support, Collective Family Law also provides assistance with:

  • Parenting negotiations
  • Change of existing consent orders
  • Altered parenting arrangements
  • Relocations and moves
  • Travel arrangements for children
  • Placing children on Airport Watch Lists
  • Change of children’s names
  • Same sex parenting arrangements
  • Paternity disputes
  • Parenting plans
  • Consent Orders
  • Binding Child Support Agreements

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Find the best family lawyer to help with getting the right custody for your children with Collective Family Law

At Collective Family Law, we are proud to provide a host of legal services to families across the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Redlands. We work hard to guide our clients through emotional and often traumatic periods of life with advice that lasts the test of time. Our Goal is to positive impact our clients experience as they move through their separation and divorce while delivering outcomes they deserve, as soon as possible. We can help you generate practicable and suitable parenting arrangements that represent you and the best interests of your children with the help of Collective Family Law.

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At Collective Family Law, we provide an initial free legal consultation to our prospective clients. Simply apply to speak with one of our representatives online, and book a scheduled session for up to 1 hour.

However, we do not generally provide pro bono services for Family Law matters. If you are unsure about your ability to pay for a lawyer, we would suggest that you contact Legal Aid Queensland for more information.

The specific legislation around child custody is broadly outlined in the Family Law Act of 1975. However, the laws regarding child custody an parenting matters in Australia can be difficult to navigate alone. That’s why we recommend a partnership getting in touch with professional Gold Coast, Brisbane and Cleveland lawyers before undertaking any legal proceedings.

Legal decisions are also made “in the best interests of the child”, rather than aiming to favour one parent over another. The Family Law Act 1975 prioritises what is in the best interest of the children, and governs how that might be determined. In practical terms, this means that many parents are required to attend Family Dispute Resolution to attempt to resolve child custody matters before making an application to the court. If a parenting arrangement cannot be reached, legal action in a court of law may be an application to the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia may be necessary.

Child custody laws also state that parents cannot relocate with children without first obtaining consent from the other parent or making an application to the court. The Family Law Act 1975 contains a presumption that both parents have Equal Shared Parental Responsibility for children. If that presumption has not been overturned by the Court, parents are required to seek the other’s consent before any relocation with the children. In the event that a parent relocates without consent, they may receive a court order to return their children. The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia may make an order for the children to be returned.

In Australia, families are not obligated to retain a lawyer for child custody, parenting, divorce, or other family court proceedings. Child custody cases may be handled by the parties themselves, without a lawyer acting on their behalf.

However, it is rarely advisable to move forward in a child custody case without the help of legal counsel. It is sensible to receive legal advice about parenting matters and how you can reach the custody arrangement that is best for your children. These sensitive matters can be difficult to overcome alone and are sometimes complicated further without the help of a skilled legal advisor. At Collective Family Law, we specialise in these type of cases.

Family law is an inherently sensitive and broad area that involves many complicated elements and moving parts. Marriage, separation, parenting arrangements, property division and divorce rulings typically fall under the family law category.

When the time comes to make a major change in your life, partner with the highly trained lawyers at Collective Family Law for help. After decades of experience with child custody, divorce, property division and other family matters, our lawyers are readily available to help you respond to legal considerations in a difficult season of life.