Different Methods Of Negotiating In Family Law – Podcast Episode 8

Discover Your Options in Exploring Negotiation Methods in Family Law

Are you currently facing a Family Law matter and wondering about the available options? Surprisingly, the majority of cases never make it to court. Instead, there are several alternative methods of negotiation that can be explored. 

Read on to discover the possibilities and learn when to consider utilising each method.

In the latest episode of the Divorce Collective Podcast, Caralee Fontenele explains the different methods of negotiating in Family Law, including:

  • Kitchen Table Negotiations
  • This method can be suitable when both parties maintain a cooperative and amicable relationship and are open to direct communication. 
  • Retaining a Lawyer to Help Negotiate
  • By engaging a lawyer, you can benefit from their legal expertise, strategic advice, and objective perspective.
  • Attending Mediation
  • It provides a structured and controlled environment for communication, allowing for open dialogue and the exploration of potential solutions. 
  • Filing an Application with the Federal Circuit Court
  • This formal legal process involves submitting an application to the court and presenting the case before a judge.


When facing a Family Law matter, understanding your negotiation options is crucial, there are avenues available to help you navigate and resolve your situation. Take advantage of the resources and expertise provided by family law firms Gold Coast the Collective Family Law Group, and let us guide you.

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