Does The Law Favour Women? – Podcast Episode 39

Welcome back to the Divorce Collective Podcast, where we provide expert insights and advice on navigating the often complex world of Family Law. Today’s episode is brought to you by the Collective Family Law Group, home of some of the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast, Australia.

In this episode, Caralee is joined by Mark Jackway, one of our seasoned family law solicitors here on the Gold Coast. Together, they demystify a prevalent misconception in the realm of family law: the idea that the law inherently favours women.

The family law process in Australia is meticulously designed to be impartial, attending to the unique circumstances of both parties involved. Nevertheless, many men may feel as if the system yields unfair outcomes against them, which, as Mark explains, is not the case.

Unfortunately, this misconception frequently springs from misguided advice or subjective experiences shared in online groups, or from friends down the road. But remember: each family law case is unique and should be handled as such. The Family Law Act itself does not show any bias towards a particular sex in the family law system.

We talk extensively about how the family law system concentrates on the specific circumstances surrounding each case, rather than the sex of the individuals involved. This pertains especially to parenting and property division, where fairness might sometimes be questioned. The Family Law Act doesn’t differentiate between males and females when it comes to entitlements.

So, if you’re seeking to understand your legal entitlements, steer clear of unreliable sources and seek proper legal advice tailored to your individual circumstances. The Collective Family Law Group, a premier family law firm on the Gold Coast, stands ready to assist with your family law inquiries, whether that be about de facto prenuptial agreements in Australia, de facto property settlement in QLD, or parenting agreement in QLD.

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