Does The Law Favour Women? – Podcast Episode 39

Welcome back to another episode of the Divorce Collective Podcast!

Today Caralee is joined by Collective Family Law’s Mark Jackway to cover the discussion about whether or not the law favours women. A common thought or myth is that men in Family Law circumstances can end up with unfair outcomes.

The family law process in Australia is set up in a way that attends to both parties. As a result, many men can feel that they get unfair outcomes; however, this is false.

This belief often comes from online groups or people who have not reached an ideal outcome who sway their opinions and experiences onto other people. It is vital to remember that every family law matter and circumstance is different.

If you read the Family Law Act you will find no leaning towards or against particular sex in the family law system.

The family law system focuses on circumstances rather than the sex of the person and their relationship. So in terms of parenting and property division, where people can feel that it’s an unfair situation, it is most certainly not because of your sex, but rather the circumstances of the relationship.

The key here is that the Family Law Act doesn’t prescribe males or females to get different entitlements. So if you want to know what your legal entitlements are, rather than rely on Facebook groups or friends down the road, come in and get proper legal advice around your circumstances because they might be very different from anyone else’s.

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