The Festive Season and Separation – Podcast Episode 43

Welcome to today’s podcast, brought to you by the expert family law team at Collective Family Law Group. Today, we have the privilege of welcoming Dannielle Young, a distinguished family lawyer and child custody specialist from our Gold Coast office. Dannielle has extensive experience in handling delicate situations like separations, de facto prenuptial agreements, and property settlements, particularly in Queensland.

We’re discussing some very important matters today. As we approach the holiday period, separations can make this joyous time challenging, particularly where children are involved. We’ll be diving into how you can navigate these waters, and we’ll touch on the important fact that there is indeed a cut-off date to file if you need the Court to determine holiday time.

Christmas is all about family, joy, and creating new traditions. Even though you’re going through a separation, it doesn’t mean that the festive spirit should be compromised. The key to a stress-free holiday season is preparation and early planning. Being amicable and focusing on what’s best for your children can make a big difference. And remember, it’s not just about your side of the family – Christmas is for everyone to share and enjoy.

Our Gold Coast Family Lawyers are ready to assist you in creating a plan to make this Christmas memorable. With experience as divorce lawyers, child custody lawyers, and experts in domestic violence, we’re equipped to handle any family law issue you might face.

We also understand that talking about these issues can be tough, so we offer a free initial consultation. Whether you need advice on de facto property settlements in QLD, parenting agreements, or a general family law consultation – we’re here to help.

You can schedule a free 45-minute consultation, either in-person or via Zoom, with some of the best family lawyers on the Gold Coast. This includes those needing assistance with de facto prenuptial agreements in Australia, family law solicitors, and law firms in the Gold Coast area.

To delve into these points in detail, find out how these strategies will benefit you and your children this Christmas – be sure to listen to the full podcast! Call us at 5574 0971 to book your consultation and prepare for a peaceful, joyful Christmas.

Whether you’re facing issues regarding child custody, domestic violence, divorce, or anything else under family law, you don’t have to face it alone. Let the Collective Family Law Group help you navigate this difficult period. Remember, preparation is key, so reach out and let’s start planning together today.

And for those who have been victims of domestic violence in Gold Coast, our experienced domestic violence lawyers are here to protect your rights and ensure your safety.

Don’t let the stress of legal matters take away from your holiday joy. Listen to the podcast now, and let us help you prepare for a happier holiday season.

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