Don’t Let It End in Regret With Dannielle Young (Ep 73)

Let’s start at the end…. You have finalised your family law matter after a long and hard road of negotiations and for some clients, the feeling of regret can creep in.

Regret around the money you’ve spent on legal fees to get the result that you received, the regret of time that has been wasted in combat regrets about the way you may have acted, and most importantly the quality time you’ve lost with your children.

Separation and divorce sucks! Going through a family law process can be the most frustrating process you will ever have to go through. Family law processes often take a lot of time because you are not in control of both sides of the family law negotiations and there is only so much that you and your family lawyer can do, to settle your family law matter in a timely fashion.

So let’s move away from the blame game and flick the switch for the most positive result for your family.

Join Dannielle Young, as she gives a fresh perspective on changing the focus to the children and results for your children.

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