How to Prepare for Your Property Settlement Matters and Your Initial Consultation – Podast Episode 84

Often we see people following separation who have no idea of their financial position. Sometimes their former partner might have handled the finances for the family, sometimes there were aspects of financial abuse at play, sometimes the client left the property without their documents. There can be a number of reasons, but on this week’s episode of The Divorce Collective Podcast, our Senior Associate Dannielle Young will give you some ideas about how you can prepare yourself for your property settlement matters. Some things she will discuss are what types of documents might you want to keep an eye out for, if you are amicable, have some initial discussions, think about what you want to achieve and if you have means to achieve that (like retaining the family home) and come prepared. 

So tune in and have a listen as our Senior Associate Dannielle Young takes you through ways to prepare for your property settlement matters and initial consultation. 

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