How We Can Help You With Your Family Law Matter by Staying Out of Court?

When families separate there is more often than not a strong desire to avoid going to court. Similarly, many people associate family lawyers with the court process. This doesn’t have to be the case.


A family lawyer can assist you with just about every aspect of your separation. Our family lawyers at Caldwell Solicitors can facilitate communication between you and your ex-partner in order to allow amicable negotiations. Negotiations and communication are a key factor in being able to settle outside of court.

Mediation and FDR

Related to negotiation and staying out of court is mediation and family dispute resolution (FDR). Many people are unaware of the ability to have lawyer-assisted mediations. Our family lawyers at Collective Family Law Group can help you over-come feelings of an imbalance of bargaining power between you and your ex-partner by empowering you in the FDR process.

Whilst the above mechanisms are fantastic for reaching agreement without litigation, it is important to be aware that any agreement needs to be put into Consent Orders, which become sealed by the Court, to be legally enforceable. This in a sense requires court, but your family lawyer at Collective Family Law Group will take care of this for you.