Step Four of the Four-Step Process – Podcast Episode 15

Step Four of the Four-Step Process: Is it Just and Equitable?

Welcome back to the last instalment of our Four-Step Process podcast series! In this episode, we will explore the final step of the four-step process in family law: determining whether the proposed orders, whether they are Consent Orders or Orders of the Court, are just and equitable. The aim is to ensure a fair outcome for both parties involved. Let’s delve into this topic in more detail!

Step Four: Assessing Just and Equitable Outcome

The fourth step of the four-step process involves evaluating whether the proposed orders, which have been formulated based on the previous steps, are just and equitable under the Family Law Act. This step is crucial in determining whether the outcome is fair for both parties involved.

  • Considering All Circumstances:

The Court takes into account all the relevant circumstances and facts of the case. This includes considering the financial and non-financial contributions made by each party, the future needs and financial situations of the parties, and any other relevant factors. The goal is to ensure that the arrangement reached by both parties is fair and reasonable given their unique circumstances.

  • Court Process and Consent Orders:

If the matter is before the court, this step would occur during the court process. However, even when parties reach an agreement and file an Application for Consent Orders, this step is still considered. It ensures that the proposed orders, even if agreed upon by both parties, meet the requirement of being just and equitable.

  • Seeking Legal Advice:

It is important for individuals going through a family law matter to seek legal advice from experienced family lawyers. They can provide guidance and ensure that the proposed orders align with the principles of justice and equity outlined in the Family Law Act.

The fourth step of the four-step process is crucial in determining whether the proposed orders are just and equitable. It ensures that the outcome reached by both parties, whether through the court process or Consent Orders, is fair and reasonable given their unique circumstances.

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