What Are The Options When It Comes to Supervised Care of Children? – Podcast Episode 16

Exploring Supervised Parental Visits in Family Law Matters

Welcome to our podcast series! In this episode, we have Dannielle Young, our Senior Associate with over 14 years of experience in family law, Dannielle is passionate about helping families, particularly children, navigate the separation process. She firmly believes that children deserve a quality upbringing and aims to assist parents in reaching amicable resolutions. In this episode, Dannielle focuses on supervised parental visits and explores alternative options for supervised visits in family law matters. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Supervised Parental Visits:

  1. Importance of Supervised Visits:

Supervised parental visits are necessary in cases where a child’s safety may be at risk if they were to spend unsupervised time with a parent. This can be due to various factors, such as violence, drug addiction, or the introduction of a new parent into the child’s life. The primary goal of supervised visits is to provide a safe environment for building or rebuilding a relationship between the child and the parent.

  1. Utilising Supervised Contact Centres:

Traditionally, supervised visits take place in supervised contact centres, which offer controlled environments for parent-child interactions. These centres have trained staff who ensure the safety and well-being of the child during the visit. Supervised contact centres can be an effective solution in cases where strict supervision is required.

  1. Alternatives to Supervised Contact Centres:

While supervised contact centres are commonly used, there may be alternative options for supervised visits in family law matters. Dannielle explores these alternatives, discussing the possibility of utilising trusted family members or friends as supervisors in certain situations. This option allows for a more familiar and comfortable setting for the child while still ensuring supervision and safety.

Supervised parental visits play a crucial role in family law matters where child safety is a concern. Whether through supervised contact centres or alternative arrangements involving trusted family members or friends, the aim is to provide a safe and supportive environment for parent-child interactions. 

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