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COVID-19 Vaccines, Children and the COVID-19 List – Podcast Episode 17

The COVID-19 vaccine currently isn’t approved for anyone under the age of 18 years of age, however, as conversations begin to arise in regards to the future of COVID-19 vaccines it is important to know where you stand as a parent.

With that being said, we appreciate that once the rollout and administration of the vaccine begin, this may increase current parental disputes. It currently stands that any threats of holding children, not doing certain things until the child is COVID-19 vaccinated is all just hype.

The second thing we must be clear about is that currently, this COVID-19 vaccine isn’t mandatory. This means, in most cases – parents cannot reasonably withhold or threaten to withhold children just because the other parent has not been vaccinated. There might be exceptions to that, but for most cases just because one parent isn’t vaccinated, that is not going to automatically meet the threshold as a reason to withhold children.

A COVID List… What is it?

In April 2020, the Federal Circuit and Family Courts implemented a COVID-19 list. That list was recently expanded to include a border range of circumstances that cases might fall under to make an application under that COVID-19 list. The COVID-19 List is a national list and can be heard nationally from any location just because you file and live in Brisbane, it may be heard by a court in a different city (the matters are heard by phone/electronic means).

The idea behind the COVID-19 list is that provided it meets the criteria, it’ll be given a return date. Within 3 business days of it being listed if assessed as urgent otherwise if it is a priority can be listed in 7 business days.

Listen up as Dannielle goes into the depths of what this means for your Family Law Matter and what these terms mean for you and your potential outcome.

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