Being Social Media Savvy During Separation! – Podcast Episode 18

In the newest episode of the Divorce Collective Podcast, Caralee illuminates the pivotal role of being ‘Social Media Savvy’ amidst a separation. 


The realm of social media has dramatically evolved, especially over the past decade. Amidst a separation, this digital universe can become a double-edged sword, intensifying emotions and sometimes complicating family law matters. Gone are the days when separations were void of the nuances of online spaces. Thus, being savvy with one’s digital footprints has become more essential than ever for those navigating these waters, especially when working with family law firms on the Gold Coast.


A post, a status, a share, a comment – seemingly innocent gestures on social media can often amplify the turbulence during separation or divorce. They can incite a spectrum of emotions and inadvertently worsen the process. 


Being at the heart of family law, Caralee has frequently underscored the value of cautious social media engagement. Her top recommendation? Minimise, if not completely avoid, social media or fortify your privacy settings. If total avoidance seems daunting, deliberate and mindful posting is the way forward.


Seeing your ex-partner’s life unfold without you, especially on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, can evoke intense emotions and, in many instances, lead to confrontations or conflicts.


Caralee’s Social Media Savvy Tips for Those in Separation:


  1. Restrict Access: Ensure your ex-partner has minimal to no access to your profiles. Be it blocking, deleting, or limiting their reach.
  2. Post with Caution: Before posting, pause and ponder.
  3. Guard Your Circle: Keep a tab on who has access to your content, especially mutual friends or acquaintances.
  4. Protect Your Kids: Their well-being and privacy come first.
  5. Stay Focused: Refrain from perusing your ex’s profile.
  6. Engage Constructively: Embrace platforms for positive changes, be it motivational quotes, podcasts, or support forums.


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  1. Why is it essential to be cautious on social media during separation?

Social media can amplify emotions, lead to confrontations, or provide evidence in family law matters, making it crucial to tread carefully.


  1. Can social media posts be used as evidence in family law cases?

 Yes, social media posts can sometimes be presented as evidence, highlighting the importance of mindful sharing.


  1. Is it advisable to block an ex-partner during separation?

 While personal preferences vary, minimising digital interactions can often reduce potential conflicts or emotional turmoil.

Disclaimer: The content shared here is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice. Engaging with professionals for tailored guidance is always recommended.
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