Caralee Fontenele


Caralee Fontenele is the founder and director of Collective Family Law, where divorce and wellbeing collide. As you walk into the law firm, you get a sense of Caralee’s core values and commitment to assisting clients through their family law matters.

She combines her high level of legal expertise with a strong culture of compassion, empowerment, and clarity. Caralee has also experienced the impact of divorce before becoming a family lawyer herself. Therefore she has a deep understanding of how intimidating and uncertain separation and divorce can feel. Collective Family Law is making headlines and moving fast in the legal industry.

Caralee is the dynamic driving force behind the Collective Family Law ethos. Caralee founded Collective Family Law as she was compelled to bring balance to the divorce space. She specialises in a resolution-focused approach, where clients benefit from moving on with their lives after separation and divorce sooner. She believes that separation and divorce are when people have the opportunity to reset their lives and create a more positive future for themselves and their families. Still, they require just and equitable settlements that they deserve to do this.

Caralee has extensive experience in complex property divisions, children’s issues, divorce proceedings, and de facto and same-sex relationship issues. She is constantly involved in continuing legal education, ensuring that her legal knowledge in family law is up to date.

She believes in a modern approach to family law and is determined to disrupt the legal industry to promote a less adversarial divorce approach. Not every matter needs to be litigated, and it is Caralee’s goal to keep clients out of court, however, she will use this process fearlessly if required.

Caralee is a determined, energetic, and inspiring thought leader in the family law space, shifting how people perceive and move through divorce and separation. Championing change and collaborating with businesses and people to deliver divorce services that promote wellbeing and positive outcomes for her clients is what motivates Caralee every day.