Thorne v Kennedy: A Landmark Case in Australian Prenuptial Agreements – EP 98

Understanding Thorne v Kennedy: Implications for Prenuptial Agreements in Australia

Welcome back to the Divorce Collective Podcast! Join our host and senior Associate Dannielle Young as she takes us through today’s episode. Dannielle is one of our expert Gold Coast divorce lawyers and she will share with us a notable family law case, Thorne v Kennedy, which highlights risks associated with financial agreements, particularly prenuptial agreements. This High Court ruling in 2017 has reshaped the legal landscape for such agreements in Australia.

Thorne v Kennedy represents a profound change in family law, emphasising fairness, transparency, and protection for vulnerable parties in financial agreements. It serves as a cautionary tale for those contemplating financial agreements and underscores the importance of equitable negotiations and sound legal advice.

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Join Senior Associate Dannielle Young on the Divorce Collective Podcast as she keeps us informed about the Thorne v Kennedy case. Discover how this landmark decision has redefined fairness and equity in Australian financial agreements. Tune in now for crucial insights!

Disclaimer: This podcast summary is for educational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. For personalised advice, contact Collective Family Law Group.

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