Tips to Protect Your Mental Health During Your Separation – Podcast Episode 75

Separation is a devasting time.  Even if you are the one instigating the separation. Join our Senior Associate Dannielle Young, as she discusses the best tips to protect your mental helath during a separation.  

We have all heard of the stages of separation (or maybe some of you haven’t), and they usually are labeled (there may be different names or versions or stages, but generally):


  • Shock and denial;
  • Anger;
  • Bargaining;
  • Depression;
  • Fear and grief;
  • Acceptance


We want you to get to the acceptance stage and as family lawyers to a finalisation stage. We have our own processes to get you through the legal aspects of your separation, but a good family lawyer will also appreciate that you are going through a process yourself internally and personally.

Here are some tips on how to take care of YOU during your separation! 

  1. Allow yourself some time to grieve;
  2. Establish a strong support system;
  3. Do something for yourself each week;
  4. Find a lawyer you trust and listen to them;
  5. Plus some others you will hear when you listen in.


When you are at that stage of finding a lawyer you trust to help you with the legal aspect of your separation then reach out to Dannielle Young or one of the other fabulous lawyers here at Collective Family Law Group and let us help you!


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