Visiting Rights

Right to See Your Child / Children

Many broken marriages and de facto relationships that involve children include a shared parenting arrangement or sole parenting arrangement (also known as a parenting plan) and provide both parties the opportunity to spend quality time with the child/children.

The majority of the time, this arrangement runs without any hesitation, however, that is not always the case. A parent may be likely to breach the parenting agreement by restricting the other parent to visit the child/children and fulfill their rights in accordance with the parenting arrangement.

We understand that it is tough for the parent that may encounter this issue, however, it does not need to continue. Collective Family Law Group are experts in preparing accurately drafting parenting plans for your matter.

So What Do You Do if Your Ex-partner Denies You Your Visitation Rights? What Legal Rights Do You Have Available to You?

It is vital to ensure that the parenting plan has been filed to the Court and that there are no consent orders registered with the Court. The agreement must be legally binding and prepared by a legal practitioner.

However, if the parenting arrangement is not correctly filed then we are able to formally obtain rights to visit the child/children.

Speak to the Professionals

No parent is permitted to breach the parenting arrangement. However, if you believe that the other parent may have breached their parenting arrangement, please contact Collective Family Law Group immediately.
Collective Family Law Group always provides expert family law advice especially when it involves parenting arrangements.

Our goal is to resolve the matter in mediation instead of attending Court. We have assisted parents to achieve and maintain suitable arrangements.

If you are concerned or want to have a confidential discussion in creating a parenting arrangement, please contact Collective Family Law Group on (07) 5574 0971.


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