What Are The Pathways To Certainty In Your Family Law Matter? – Podcast Episode 20

Here at Collective Family Law, we are a full-service law firm with many solutions to help you through your divorce and separation. Our goal for all of our clients is to get them through this period of their life as soon as possible, allowing them to move on to a brighter future faster.

When going through a divorce, the period between separating and settlement is full of uncertainty, and you are in limbo. It’s not a fun place to be. We want you to get through this period of your life as soon as possible.

When our clients reach a final agreement about how they want to settle their matters, whether it be parenting or property, we draft consent orders or a binding financial agreement so that our clients have certainty.

When going through a divorce and separation, It’s almost like having a thorn in one’s side. It is an uncomfortable situation that has to be dealt with. Yet it is common to feel as though it is too overwhelming to even know where to start.

Don’t expect that your matter will be solved overnight. One conversation for most people isn’t enough to reach a final agreement. But you must have these conversations to create a stress-free future, whether this is through lawyers or amicable discussions with the other party directly. If you leave your matter to brew for months on end, it’s going to be months or even years that you have that thorn in your side.

So, what are the three steps around creating certainty within your family law matter? 

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