What Is An Independent Children’s Lawyer? – Podcast Episode 24

The first year following a separation is often the most gruelling. The whirlwind of emotions, the daunting reality of a new single life, and the multitude of decisions that must be made are likely to feel overwhelming. Rest assured, though it may seem insurmountable at times, you will endure and come out stronger.


Should you find yourself grappling with the mourning of your relationship, regardless of whether the decision to part ways was your choice, rest assured we’ve got you covered. 


Here are our survival tips for navigating through the first year post-separation:


1. Invest Time in Yourself: 

Amid the turmoil that often ensues post-separation, remember to recharge and focus on self-love. List down activities you enjoy and commit to doing them for yourself.


2. Build a Supportive Community: 

Divorce or separation can often lead to feelings of isolation. Engage with communities that resonate with you, perhaps through Facebook groups centered around your interests or hobbies.


3. Embrace Your Emotions: 

It’s crucial to acknowledge and express your feelings instead of suppressing them. Seek the help of a professional or a counsellor to help navigate these emotional waves.


4. Seek Guidance: 

Finding a mentor, someone older and more experienced in navigating through breakups, can be a valuable source of support and advice.


5. Maintain Composure: 

In the face of drastic life changes like divorce or separation, strive to stay calm and measured in your responses. This way, you reduce the risk of making decisions you might later regret.

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