This little tip could save you months of anguish….. Not everything that you hear about family law and divorce in Australia is true!

There are many myths around family law in Australia, as you go through your own separation, you will hear many stories of other people’s divorces and usually they are not great stories, more like war stories than divorce stories.

This is because everyone has different circumstances, different levels of ability to understand the process and people often cling on to certain narratives because of their ability to emotionally navigate separation and divorce.

Not all that you will be told about separation and divorce is true, for you.

Things you will need guidance for:

  • Legal advice from a family law solicitor, so that you have clarity about your personal circumstances;
  • Negotiating outcomes and agreements so that consent orders can be drafted by a lawyer and filed in the Family Court;
  • The possible steps to follow when an agreement can’t be reached.

There are so many twists and turns, from the outset, with parenting arrangement and complex asset division issues. Every family law matter and every family is different and this is why it pays to know where you stand legally.

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