5 Key Strategies To Negotiating With Your Ex And Staying Out Of Court – Podcast Episode 2

In today’s episode on the Divorce Collective, Caralee explains the 5 best strategies for negotiating with your ex to avoid court.

After working with hundreds of separating couples and decades’ worth of experience and specialty in family law our divorce lawyers gold coast and Brisbane have come up with the following suggestions on how you can make negotiations more amicable and successful when it comes to dividing property and co-parenting arrangements.

5 best strategies for negotiating with your ex to avoid court:

1. You are clear about what you want with your property settlement and co-parenting plan. – This sets the foundation for a successful negotiation.

2. Be transparent and honest about the property pool. which helps to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary conflict

3. Trying to hide That you are businesslike and professional.- Being transparent and honest about the property pool shows that you are committed to a fair and reasonable outcome, which can help to build trust between you and your ex

4. Do not raise relationship issues from the past is essential to stick to the facts and figures.- It keeps the negotiation focused on the facts and figures, rather than emotional baggage

5. Consent Orders  – Don’t forget, even if you come to an agreement, it is still really important to finalise it legally with Consent Orders for both property division and parenting arrangements.

By following these strategies, you can increase your chances of negotiating a successful outcome and avoid the stress and expense of going to court.

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