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Safe and Together Training to Combat Domestic Violence – Podcast Episode 21

sae and together training

The Safe & Together training and model has been implemented by agencies in Australia already over the last about 7 years and the Federal Circuit Court and Family Courts are now jumping on board. Federal Circuit Court and Family Court Judges will undergo family violence-focused training. The safety of children and families is the highest […]

What Are The Options When It Comes to Supervised Care of Children? – Podcast Episode 16

dannielle Young

Exploring Supervised Parental Visits in Family Law Matters Welcome to our podcast series! In this episode, we have Dannielle Young, our Senior Associate with over 14 years of experience in family law, Dannielle is passionate about helping families, particularly children, navigate the separation process. She firmly believes that children deserve a quality upbringing and aims […]

Contravention or Breach of Parenting Orders

child at the beach

Parenting Orders made either by agreement/consent or made by the Court must be complied with by both parties until the child turns 18. Unfortunately, we have seen many circumstances where one parent chooses not to comply with the Orders. The impact of the breach or ‘contravention of the Orders will depend on the severity of […]