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Managing Your Family Law Matter Through Covid19

Stress is high and times are uncertain as we all navigate Covid19.

For Collective Family Law, business goes on. Just like for anyone going through divorce […]

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10 Common Family Law Myths Dispelled

This little tip could save you months of anguish….. Not everything that you hear about family law and divorce in Australia is true!

There are many […]

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Three Keys to a Successful Divorce

To say that going through a separation and divorce is a stressful time is an understatement!

You may be trying to find a quick fix or […]

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What Can You Do to End Domestic Violence?

Sadly, domestic and family domestic violence is a reality. One woman dies every week in Australia due to domestic Violence (White Ribbon, 2018), which includes […]

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Are You in a De Facto Relationship?

In November 2008 the Family Law Amendment Act came into existence, which meant that a couple in a de-facto relationship would their relationship recognised under […]

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If We Reach Agreement Amicably, Do I Still Need A Legally Binding Document?

Most people want their divorce or separation to stay as amicable as possible and they hope to settle their matter without involving lawyers. We completely understand!

It […]

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Do All Family Law Matters Need to Go to Court?


The ‘D’ word can be a scary word for some people. It conjures up images of arguments and disputes, broken families and […]

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First Appointment Jitters

It is the beginning of a new year and as a general rule at Collective Family Law, receives lots of enquiries from people wanting to […]

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Do’s and Don’ts of Separation

When you and your partner are considering separation or divorce there are a few do’s and don’ts that we suggest you make note of to […]

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How To Budget Post-Separation

Divorce or separation can be quite daunting, particularly from a financial perspective.  When two people commence a relationship or marry, they often merge their assets and […]

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