Family Law Costs and Fee Structures


At Collective Family Lawyers, we will ensure that the legal fees for our client’s family law cases meet their budget. Having a flexible hourly rate is perfect for our family law clients that prefer to be charged per hour, which means that they get billed for the time that is spent on their matter by one of our family law solicitors, not more or less.

Our rates are extremely competitive compared to those charged by other family law firms in both Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

We offer a free 45-minute family law initial consultation with one of our family law solicitors. This allows our clients to see if we are the right family law firm. During this appointment, our family lawyers will give initial family law advice on how to move forward, and we also advise our potential clients on the hourly rate of the family law solicitors you choose to work with during your family law matter.

There are different charge-out rates for different family lawyers, depending on their experience and expertise.

Whatever our client’s budget is for their family law case, we will ensure they get the family law legal advice they need. We provide our family law clients with detailed written information about the rates we charge and an initial estimate of the overall cost of their family law case from the start to finally resolving it.

Our clients must sign a costs agreement before they commence their family law matter with one of our family law solicitors.

Once we start work on our client’s family law matters, we bill at the end of each month and give an itemised invoice that shows exactly what they have been charged for throughout the month.

Call our family law team to arrange a 45-minute free initial consultation and one of our experienced family lawyers will advise you on which package suits your circumstances the best.


At Collective Family Lawyers, we understand that the unknown cost of legal fees can be really stressful for most people. There is worry and concern that their legal bill to resolve their family law matter will be out of your control, and it will keep escalating.

That is why we have created a range of document packages starting at as low as $2,200. Our family law team have options for our clients to pay one fixed fee for Consent Orders to finalise family law proceedings so that you don’t have to worry about bill shock at the end of each month. This is a huge relief for many of our clients.

There is nothing worse than feeling like you cannot communicate with your family law solicitor as you need to because every phone call is going to cost money. Our packages take the fear and anxiety out of retaining a family lawyer so that you can focus of resolving your matter.


At Collective Family Lawyers, we offer clients with special circumstances family law legal funding payment options. What this means is our family lawyers do the work on behalf of the client, and a funding company pays for the legal fees.

The family law client does not have to pay the legal funding back until their matter is finalised. This could be, for example, when the family law clients sell the family home or investment property or receive settlement funds from the other side.

This is the ideal solution for our family law clients with a family law matter that needs resolving by one of our family law solicitors. However, they don’t have access to funds at the current time.

The family law legal funding option allows our team of family lawyers to commence work on our client’s matter sooner, meaning that we can often resolve their family law proceedings sooner.


We are a full-service family law firm and do not provide Government Funded Legal Aid. As a general rule, Legal Aid is primarily for parenting matters and not property matters.


The best way forward for any client going through a separation or divorce is to speak to one of our family law solicitors. This way, you will hear advice regarding your special family law circumstances. This family law consultation free will go for up to 45 minutes, and you will be able to walk away from the meeting knowing where you legally stand in your family law matter, what the next steps are and how much it will cost to hire an experienced family lawyer.

It is important that clients have access to justice and lawyers, as a firm we do what we can assist everyday Australians to ensure that they reach fair outcomes.

Book your free initial appointment with our divorce lawyer gold coast area and start planning your legal strategy.

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