Family Reports – what are they are and what you need to know – Podcast Episode 78

Family Reports are conducted by a family consultant. The family report is an independent assessment of the family unit which assists both parents and the Court in making decisions about the future arrangements for the children. The family report writer will consider the children’s experiences, the children’s development, the family circumstances, and other relevant issues to the case. They will provide a report with some observations, some considerations and some recommendations about what parenting arrangements are in the children’s best interests. 

The family report writer will meet with the parents individually. The children will be observed with each parent and depending on their age, the family report writer may interview the children separately.  The children will have an opportunity to speak with the Family Consultant separately and privately about what is going on for them, their worries and their wishes.

It is important to remember any information you provide to the Family Consultant in the interviews is not confidential. That means anything you say or propose may appear in his report and may be used if the matter proceeds to Court. 

Some important things to remember for the interview process are as follows:

  1. Consider what is in the children’s best interests.
  2. Always remain focused on the children.
  3. Do not coach the children. 
  4. Behave appropriately, present yourself well and be honest. 

Tune in and listen as our Senior Associate Dannielle Young takes you through the family report process and tips in more detail in the latest installment on the Divorce Collective Podcast.


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