Birdnesting: the New Hype but Does It Work? – Podcast Episode 79


What is birdnesting and can it be implemented in parenting arrangements post-separation? On today’s podcast, our Senior Associate Dannielle Young will explain the parenting arrangement of ‘birdnesting’ and discuss some advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement. 

Birdnesting is the term given to the arrangement where children remain in the family home post-separation and the parents take turns moving out of the home on a rotating basis. Generally speaking birdnesting has been proven to work for some families but hasn’t worked so well for others. As each family’s dynamics and circumstances are very different. 

Birdnesting can be beneficial as it focuses on the needs of the children rather than the needs of the parents while offering children stability. However, it is important to consider parents’ ability to co-parent within this arrangement. 

Tune in and listen as our Senior Associate Dannielle Young takes you through Birdnesting and the advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement in more detail in the latest installment on the Divorce Collective Podcast.


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