Free Family Law Guide for Gold Coast Families

What to do if you are going through a separation or divorce on the gold coast

Family law and knowing whether or not you require family law advice from a family lawyer on the Gold Coast can take time to understand. There are many different opinions you will encounter when you go through your separation and divorce, and often there are many differing perspectives when it comes to what other people have been through. Getting the right advice for your family law circumstances is so important. 

The family law legislation in Australia can be challenging to apply to your circumstances by simply Googling or asking friends and family to share their experience with their own separation or divorce. This is because every situation is different. For example, the contributions of the relationship, the length of the relationship, the age of the children, and the future needs of each party, these facts vary case by case. 

On top of that, there are many different pathways people can choose to go down when it comes to their Gold Coast family law dispute. 

This can make family law confusing and frustrating. Going through a separation can most certainly be a confusing time, with some much at stake, and high emotions, not to mention many other practical issues such as living arrangements, schooling, and finances to consider. Then on top of that, there are your family law entitlements and obligations, the legal side of your separation and divorce. 

Collective Family Law on the Gold Coast only practice in the area of family law, which means our Gold Coast family lawyers know family law inside and out. There isn’t a type of issue, complex or straightforward, or a type of person that we have not dealt with regarding family law on the Gold Coast. We don’t offer any other practice area because we are passionate about providing our family law clients with the best possible service and outcomes for their family law circumstances. 

As the leading Gold Coast Family Lawyers, we are equipped and ready to assist our clients at any stage of their family law matter. We offer family law advice on the Gold Coast from our Southport office or via Zoom, either before parties separate, after they have separated or when the separation gets messy, and there are family law proceedings on foot. At this late stage of a family law matter, there are no other avenues apart from engaging a Gold Coast family lawyer and starting the process. 

Who gets what in family law on the gold coast? Download our free family law guide

To help our Gold Coast family law clients, we have created this helpful guide called “Who Gets What?” This guide discusses family law, how property can be divided for Gold Coast family law clients, how children spend their time, and what custody arrangements can be made for Gold Coast families going through separation and divorce. Click here to download the guide for free.

The key takeaway in this family law guide ‘Who Get’s What?” is that whether you are the wife, husband, mother, or father, you have rights when it comes to your family law issues. The choices you make during your separation can be life-changing for either the better or for the worse, so you must be armed with the right legal advice from an experienced Gold Coast Family Lawyer regarding your family law matter, whether it involves property, children, or both. 

Be empowered by the best family lawyers on the coast

Our goal at Collective Family Law on the Gold Coast is to empower our family law clients to make excellent decisions by ensuring that they receive the best possible family law legal advice and practical solutions. 

Family law is complicated when you are going through it, but family law is even more difficult when you are going through it alone and in the dark because you don’t have the right family law legal advice. It can be impossible to get a favourable outcome, one that benefits you and your children, if you don’t know what your family law rights are. This is why getting family law advice is vitale.

To better understand family law in Australia and specifically for Gold Coast family law matters, download our free guide ‘Who Gets What?” to get an overview of how family law works in Australia. But at Collective Family Law, we say don’t stop there. Come in and receive a free initial family law consultation so that you are truly empowered. 

For a comprehensive overview of family law in Australia, our Gold Coast family law firm offers a free initial appointment with one of our experienced Gold Coast family lawyers. During this consultation, not only will you learn about family law and gain some practical insights, but you will also know how family law will be applied to your specific separation and divorce issues that are unique to you. 

If you’re ready to take the next step to gain clarity around your family law issues, our Gold Coast family lawyers will give you comprehensive and real-world solutions. We invite you to make a free initial appointment with one of our family law solicitors in our Gold Coast office. 

Our experienced Gold Coast family lawyers will accomplish this in a compassionate family law consultation:

  • Discuss your most essential concerns regarding your separation or divorce; 
  • Deep dive into the family law solutions and the legal options you have available to you;
  • Create a family law strategy that you can implement straight away;
  • You will leave our Gold Coast Family Lawyer with clarity and focus, ready to resolve your family law matter. 


At Collective Family Law Group, our goal for the meeting is that by the time you leave our office, you have clarity about your family law entitlements and obligations. You know what pathways are available to you, and you will see if you need a Gold Coast family lawyer. 

We want all our Gold Coast Family Law clients to have the confidence to finalise their family law issues so they can move forward with a positive and favourable family law result. 

This family law discussion with one of our best and most experienced family lawyers on the Gold Coast is the next logical step towards empowering yourself and understanding your family law legal position.

Our most successful clients started their journey via this free session with one of our Gold Coast family lawyers. 

To secure a time, please call 1300 225 393 and reserve a time with one of our solicitors. We offer both in-person and virtual meetings.

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