Navigating Property Sales During Settlement: Expert Insights (Part 2)- EP 97

Welcome back to the Divorce Collective Podcast, join our senior associate Danielle Young as she continues their engaging conversation with Kathy Tsai, a seasoned real estate agent with over two decades of expertise. If you missed the first part of their discussion, you can catch up here


In this second part, we look further into the crucial role of real estate agents in navigating property settlements, especially in the context of divorce or separation

The Crucial Role of Real Estate Agents in Property Settlements


Kathy’s expertise in real estate is not just about selling a property; it’s about navigating through a transaction with confidence and care. In the emotionally charged scenario of a divorce or separation, Kathy’s role transcends the usual – it’s about being a communicator, a mediator, and sometimes, a confidant.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Acting in the Seller’s Best Interest:

Kathy emphasises the importance of representing the seller’s interests, balancing both parties’ needs in the case of joint ownership. Her objective is to facilitate a transaction that is fair and beneficial for all involved.

  • Effective Communication:

Whether it’s between spouses or with potential buyers, communication is critical. Kathy shares her approach to keeping all parties informed, using group texts and emails to ensure transparency.

  • Strategic Property Presentation:

In real estate, presentation is everything. Kathy discusses how she advises clients on staging their property for sale, balancing aesthetic appeal with budgetary constraints. She focuses on making the property attractive to a broad range of buyers while respecting the sellers’ financial limits.


The Open Home Process: A Delicate Balance

One of the unique challenges in selling property during a divorce is maintaining neutrality and protecting the asset’s value. Kathy shares her strategies for open homes, ensuring that the property is presented in a way that doesn’t disclose the reasons for the sale. She highlights the importance of staging the property to reflect a neutral, harmonious environment.

Considerations for Open Homes:

  • Privacy Protection:

Kathy is mindful of keeping the reasons for the sale discreet, which is crucial in preserving the property’s value.

  • Staging Strategies:
    She advocates for integrated staging, where existing furniture is complemented with select accessories, to enhance the property’s appeal without incurring significant costs.
  • Managing Client Expectations:

A major part of Kathy’s role is setting realistic expectations and guiding clients through the decision-making process, ensuring that any investments in the property are likely to yield returns.


  1. What value does a real estate agent add in a divorce property sale?

A skilled agent navigates the sale process tactfully, ensuring the property is marketed effectively while maintaining the sellers’ privacy and managing emotional complexities.

  1. How can staging help in selling a property during a divorce?

Staging enhances the property’s visual appeal, potentially increasing its market value. It also helps depersonalise the space, making it more attractive to a wider audience.

  1. Is it important to have both parties involved in the communication during the sale?

Yes, involving both parties ensures transparency and helps in making joint decisions, which is critical in a divorce sale scenario.

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