Pets Are Victims of Domestic Abuse Too.

It’s heartbreaking to acknowledge, but animals, often regarded as comforting family members, can become targets in domestic disputes. Abusive partners, seeking to exert control or instil fear, sometimes harm or threaten these innocent creatures. Consequently, many individuals facing domestic violence grapple with the painful decision of leaving their beloved pets behind when seeking safety.

Disturbingly, statistics indicate that about 70% of women fleeing such violent environments report pet abuse, and this, distressingly, becomes an additional reason for them to delay their departure. Furthermore, roughly 25% of these women hesitate to leave a toxic relationship due to concerns over their pets’ welfare.

However, there’s a silver lining in this grim scenario. DV Connect, in a commendable partnership with RSPCA, has initiated the Pets in Crisis program. This program offers temporary accommodation for pets of those victims transitioning to refugees or those unable to immediately secure a safe space for their pets upon escaping a hostile relationship.

Join our Senior Associate, Dannielle Young, as she sheds light on this often overlooked facet of domestic violence – the intertwining of pets’ welfare with human victims. Dannielle delves deep into the available support systems for individuals wishing to flee abusive situations with their pets.

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  1. Why do victims of domestic violence often delay leaving abusive environments? A significant number of victims are concerned about their pets’ welfare, fearing harm or threats to these animals if left behind.
  1. What is the ‘Pets in Crisis’ program?Initiated by DV Connect and RSPCA, this program offers temporary housing solutions for the pets of domestic violence victims seeking refuge.
  1. How can Collective Family Law assist individuals facing domestic violence? As one of the premier family law firms on the Gold Coast, Collective Family Law provides free initial consultations, offering guidance and support to those in need.


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