What Do Children Really Need During Separation EP (87)

On today’s podcast, our Senior Associate Dannielle Young will go through the healthy parenting arrangements in QLD and discuss what children might need and want to help them understand and navigate the changes happening to their family.  With her extensive knowledge as a child custody lawyer.

During a divorce, children need and want to know certain things to help them understand and navigate the changes happening in their family.

Dannielle will go through 10 things that children may need and want to know:

1. Honest and Age-Appropriate Information

Children need honest yet age-appropriate information about the separation. This helps them understand the situation without feeling overwhelmed or scared.

2. Reassurance of Love and Support

Children must know that both parents still love them and that they can count on your support throughout this process.

3. Clear Communication

Children should be kept informed about changes that will affect them. This helps reduce uncertainty and allows them to feel involved and respected.

4. Continuity and Stability

Maintaining regular routines and structures to provide a sense of normality and stability is crucial for children’s emotional well-being during these unsettling times.

5. Permission to Express Feelings

Encourage your children to express their feelings about the separation. This emotional freedom helps them process their thoughts and adapt to their new reality.

6. Neutral Ground

Create environments where children can interact with both parents without feeling in the middle of any disputes or tension.

7. Future Plans

Sharing plans and arrangements (in an age-appropriate manner) can help alleviate anxieties your child may have about what their new life will look like.

8. Reassurance of Stability

Reiterate that while their family configuration may change, the love and care they receive will remain constant.

9. Confidentiality and Privacy

Respecting your child’s privacy and ensuring they feel safe to express their thoughts and feelings is essential during this time.

10. Ongoing Love and Care

Children need the reassurance of both parents’ continued love, care, and support, irrespective of the circumstances.

Navigating a family separation is difficult, but understanding and addressing your children’s needs can make the transition smoother.

Remember, each child is unique and may process these changes differently. Empathy, patience, and open communication are key in helping them adapt to their new reality.

As a parent, you are not alone. Lean on available resources like our podcast, seek the counsel of our expert divorce lawyers Gold Coast at the Collective Family Law Group, and remember we’re here to help and support you through each step. Start your journey towards understanding with our free family law consultation. Together, we can ensure that your children emerge from this experience feeling loved, supported, and understood.

Join us for more insightful discussions on the Divorce Collective Podcast. For more information, visit our website, or call us on (07) 5574 0971. In times of change, let’s build a path forward with resilience, understanding, and optimism.

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