A Callover is a special event in the courts whereby the court lists the number of matters that aren’t already listed for allocated trial dates. They are typically placed before a judge or Senior Registrar and here is Brisbane we are amidst of a massive Winter Callover before a number of Judges.

The purpose of a Callover is to list your matter for a court date or trial, however, it does have another purpose which is for the Court to assist where they can to limit the issues needing determination and get a resolution to the matter, either that day or though some form of dispute resolution.

There are a large number of matters listed on the day, and there is no real-time to run any legal arguments because of the large number of matters before the court. The Judge on the day has the ability to order parties on the day to dispute resolution and there are usually mediators who are on standby at the court.

Are you a party whose matter has been listed in the Callover?  If you are click on the link below and listen as Dannielle takes you through what it is, what its designed for and some helpful information about what to expect and how to prepare for the Callover.

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