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Birdnesting: the New Hype but Does It Work? – Podcast Episode 79

kids in the swing

What is birdnesting and can it be implemented in parenting arrangements post-separation? On today’s podcast, our Senior Associate Dannielle Young will explain the parenting arrangement of ‘birdnesting’ and discuss some advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement. Birdnesting is the term given to the arrangement where children remain in the family home post-separation and the parents […]

5 Tips On Negotiating Parenting Arrangements With Your Ex

In today’s episode of the podcast, Caralee Fontenele from the Collective Family Law Group delves into the complexities of negotiating co-parenting agreements. Her objective is to guide you towards minimising conflict and uncertainty, focusing instead on fostering harmonious arrangements for the benefit of your children.   Navigating such terrain isn’t always straightforward. However, the strategies […]

What Happens To Grandparents In Family Law? – Podcast Episode 33

Dannielle Young Podcast

When there is a relationship breakdown – what does that mean for the grandparents? When grandparents hear that their child’s relationship is on rocky territory, it is scary as to what might happen. Unfortunately, there is nothing specifically in the Family Law Act regarding grandparents’ rights; however – don’t be alarmed! There is nothing in […]

Lighthouse Project – A Safer Pathway For Families Experiencing Family Violence

The light House project australia

In an effort to assist families who have experienced family violence and safety risks to navigate the family law system, the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia have launched a new initiative called the Lighthouse Project. The project, which is being piloted in Brisbane, Parramatta, and Adelaide, is a three-part process that starts […]

The Different People That You May Need on Your Family Law Team

There can be many different types of people, services and roles that you may come across when you are going through a family law matter in Australia. Unless you are a lawyer or even a family lawyer, it can be difficult to understand who you need on your family law team to get the outcome […]

What is a Child Passport Alert?

As some of the best family law solicitors on the Gold Coast, we regularly field queries from parents concerned that their ex-partner might take a child overseas without their consent. One of the first questions we ask is whether the child has a passport. If the child doesn’t yet have a passport, we suggest that […]

How to Tell the Kids You Are Separating

When two people decide to divorce it can be an emotional time, filled with a lot of uncertainty. Whilst the tell-tale signs might have been there for your children to pick up on, it is very important that both parents are united when they break the news to their children. Most children of school age […]

How Do I Know When To Fight And When To Settle My Case?

Going to Court for your family law matter can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful. Therefore, it is usually beneficial to settle before commencing Court proceedings so you can move forward with your life sooner with clarity and certainty. SETTLING YOUR FAMILY LAW MATTER There are various ways you can settle your family law matter. You […]

Parenting Plans

Navigating through a divorce proceeding, one of the greatest hurdles can be finalising the care arrangements for the children. It is often the children who are more affected by the dissolution of marriage than the parents. Amid this upheaval, it’s crucial to bear in mind that the child’s relationship with both parents remains intact, even […]