The 7 Tips On How To Have A Healthy Divorce – Podcast Episode 10

Do healthy divorces a actually exist? Yes, they do and they absolutely can be achieved!

Divorce and separation is a hard time, no matter who you are – however, not every divorce needs to be hard and messy, it is 100% possible to have an amicable divorce process!

Listen up as Caralee, dives into the seven tips to a healthy divorce:

  1. Communicate! So many people do not communicate! Listen, take turns and have respect;
  2. The children always come first. This sounds obvious but when you are hurt and those feelings arise, it can sometimes cloud our judgement. Protect your kids from your temporary feelings;
  3. Do not hire a bully of a lawyer! Go and hire someone who is going to help you be amicable and want to find the best resolution. If your firm offers a free initial consultation, meet with your lawyer first! Hear their advice and someone who wants to resolve your matter in a collaborative and healthy manner;
  4. Don’t get stuck in the blame game! The earlier you accept your responsibility for your part in the process – the better! Resolving your healthy divorce, there is no room for continuously going back to wrong-doings;
  5. Be willing to cooperate and compromise! When feelings are raw, the last person in the world that you want to cooperate with is your ex partner! But one of you has to be ready and willing to compromise, trust me it will be the best thing you do in this situation!
  6. Don’t forget to love and care for yourself! The changes, the grief and the loss that is bought in by separation and divorce can be overwhelming. This is a time in your life that more than ever you need to look after yourself!
  7. Change your mindset about divorce being a failure. This can be so damaging to you and to your children when it is simply not true! This has just come to an end. If you can change your mindset that divorce is actually a positive time to restart and refresh, you will feel a lot lighter.

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We hope this podcast was helpful to you and remember, you’ve got this!


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