The six-minute divorce podcast with divorce lawyer Caraleee Fontenele

Here at Collective Family law Group, we are motivated to care for our clients in more ways than one. Therefore, we have created an online podcast for you to listen to anywhere, anytime to help you gain clarity throughout your family law matter.

Tune in as Director of Collective Family Law Group, Caralee Fontenele guides you through your separation and divorce by sharing strategies and tips to help you move on faster. Having helped thousands of people through divorce and also drawing on her own experience, Caralee shares her expertise in 6-minute, easy to listen to bursts to help you navigate separation.

Caralee is the Director of Collective Family Law Group which is a Family Law Practice based in Australia that focuses on making this transition as easy as possible for people going through the various stages of separation and divorce. The team is a group of passionate and committed family lawyers helping clients find effective and efficient solutions to resolve their family law matters, and helping them move to a brighter future. These services include full family law services, fixed fee services, and online solutions with their new program Resolve.